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Christmas Cheer!!!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

This year hasn't been great for most, but don't lose the Christmas magic in all this Covid stress!

Lets talk about a few things you can do to help make someone's Christmas just that bit better.

  1. Smile - The power a smile is super strong, let people know they are not alone and give a little smile!

  2. Give a gift - nothing big just a little something to someone you wouldn't normally or even a complete stranger or child.

  3. listen to the health advise and don't be silly this Christmas. Your actions effect others in these times - work together and help others be able to see their families.

  4. Tell someone you love them - because there is always someone who needs to hear it!!

  5. And of course - make and enjoy some amazing Christmas food!! in the festive season the food is what makes it a beautiful time of year and getting together with friends and family is what it's all about.

Have a great Christmas Beauties and I will see you in 2021.....

Love Astrid xx

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